Kaba SCSS is a wrapper around a SCSS compiler, including convenience functions that are used by Kaba.

You can use the compiler by just importing the main object:

const KabaScss = require("kaba-scss");

let compiler = new KabaScss(options, logger);

// runs the compiler and returns after all files have compiled
await compiler.run();

// if you configured to use a watcher, the above function will only resolve if you stop the watcher


new KabaScss(options, logger);
options.debugbooleanFlag to produce a debug build.
options.sourceMapsbooleanFlag to include source maps.
options.watchbooleanFlag to start a watcher instead of a one-time build.
options.lintbooleanFlag to also lint the build.
options.analyzebooleanFlag to only analyze the build (will set the return value of run() accordingly).
options.cwdstringThe current working directory.
options.browserListstring[]The list of supported browsers. Passed to browserslist
options.fixbooleanFlag to also fix linting errors.
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