Mayd reserves several prefix namespaces, that must not be used in the project.

Additionally all one-character top level slugs can be reserved from Mayd at any time. You should always check the upgrade docs to learn about new reserved prefixes.

The currently reserved prefixes are:



Default Permission Restrictions


The general Mayd backend prefix

Logged in Mayd users only


The general Mayd API prefix



Frontend of the file browser


/l/ /_qr/

Short link prefix


You can add any other prefix you like, but you should avoid using prefixes that might be confused with locales.

You should always include a table listing all custom URL prefixes (+ their usage) of your app in your project’s README. You should also add a link to this exact section, so that it’s clear that your app effectively uses both lists (the prefixes from Mayd, and the ones from your project).

Translation of URLs

  • Backend URLs and API-URLs must always be English.
  • Page Type URLs must always be translated in all supported languages (using Symfony’s internationalized routing).
  • There should be no other URLs besides: backend, frontend and API
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